The teacher

Mother of two kids (Vittoria and Massimo: Vi + Ma = Vima!), I discovered Yoga in 1998. I was trained as a Yoga teacher from 2000 to 2004 by Mr. Ajit Sarkar and to the DE GASQUET® Method.

I teach Yoga since 2006 and am certified in pre and post-natal yoga by the DE GASQUET INSTITUT®.

I was fortunate to teach in various contexts (work council, sports association, community association, day care center, school) to adults, children, teenagers, pregnant women and disabled persons.

I practice meditation in the Vipassana tradition as taught by Charles and Patricia Genoud from the Vimalakirti Bouddist Meditation Center in Geneva.

I created Vimayoga in 2015 in Villeurbanne.

I’m giving back what I received with passion. Yoga is my life; it nourishes my life and is nourished by it.

I’m a member of the Fédération Yoga et Ayurveda (FYA) and of the Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha-Yoga (FIDHY).

Laurence Tricot


« I am free, available and confident » is a sankalpa* that Ajit offered me. It follows me everywhere I go. I wish to give the same confidence and freedom as Ajit created in everyone that came by him.

Ajit was born in Bengal but was raised at Pondicherry in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram*.

From the 60’s untill he retired, Ajit taught yoga in Paris to many future yoga teachers.

In 2007, with his wife Selvi, he founded Vellai Thamarai, a large educational, social and cultural project in India.

Ajit died on March the 4th, 2021.

* A sankalpa is a short, positive sentence that is mentally repeated during some relaxations and then allowed to “grow” inside the body.

* An Ashram is a monastery, a spiritual place where disciples gather around a master and retreats are possible.

Ajit Sarkar

My professor