Yoga pre-natal & post-natal.

Future or young moms, come improve your well-being and that of your baby, your ability to relax and recover fitness and energy after delivery with specific poses and breathing practices.


Pre-natal and post-natal yoga lessons follow the DE GASQUET® Method. The practice stimulates, reinforces and makes more conscious the perineum, reinforces the back and the abdominal muscles and teaches good habits in your postures and when changing postures.


Pre-natal yoga does not replace the birth preparation classes with your midwife but completes it and prepare the «after». Some poses help directly on the small ailments of pregnancy (pain in the buttock, in the pubic symphyses, in the back, heavy legs).


Post-natal yoga helps recover the abdominal muscles (while respecting them) and close the basin. Newborns are welcome to the post-natal courses.