Yoga Routine

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Yoga Routine

The Yoga Routine.

These workshops are for all those who seek to set up a daily routine in the Ayurvedic tradition: yoga and self-massage.

The goal is to learn a sequence of movements and postures to redo at home. It is especially aimed at those who are reassured to repeat and deepen the same postures.

Workshop Flow:
• Learning self-massage 
• Learning a complete yoga session: breathing, postures, relaxation

Objectives of the workshop:
• Know a self-massage protocol
• Know a complete sequence of a yoga session
• Understanding Ayurvedic basics and diet
• Work on memory, flexibility and body strength in a beautiful alignment of body and mind

At the end of these workshops, you will be autonomous to practice at home, all postures having been corrected during the sessions.

With Victoria Teyssedre.

I have long been passionate about supporting people in their life journey and personal development. Knowing how to listen, guide and advise are my assets that I develop with patience and perseverance.

Practicing yoga for 30 years, I found a deep adequacy with who I am.
Initially, trained in corporate coaching, I accompanied executives and managers in business before turning resolutely in 2016 to Ayurveda*

I trained in Ayurvedic massages and Ayurvedic food principles in Pondicherry, India, with Selvi and Ajit SARKAR

From 2018 to 2020, I trained in yoga, with the same teachers who allowed me to discover what is «the state of yoga».

Since then, I practice as a yoga teacher adapted to each individual, as a practitioner in ayurvedic massages and personal development support.

*:Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medicine that promotes the maintenance of mental balance – vital (emotions)- physical to stay healthy based on diet, yoga and massage

The schedule.

Check the timetable and contact me to register.


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