“To be in Yoga” is a state-of-mind, not a practice.

Being in Yoga means being linked to yourself and to the world as it is.

Hatha Yoga offers you to find again this link with yourself and the world through breathing exercises (pranayama) and poses (asana), i.e. through your body.

Hatha Yoga will make your body stronger and more flexible.

It will increase your breathing capacity, calm your mind, improve your concentration and help you to let go.

The pratice of yoga

The practice I offer joins the traditional teachings I received from Ajit Sarkar and the method I studied at DE GASQUET INSTITUT®.

The teacher

Yoga is not dissociable of my life that he feeds and which he feeds on.


Place dedicated to the pratice of yoga.



Yoga adult

Weekly sessions for everyone (general public, intermediary, slowly.)


Shared Workshop

Monthly workshops to discover yoga and share your energies with your child, your grandson, your beautiful daughter…

Vimayoga Blog

“Enrich yourself to recreate”


Summer time exercice

During the Summer holydays, may I suggest that you do a very simple, no-time-consuming but so enligthning practice. – What do I have to do ?

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