Welcome to Vimayoga Yoga Studio
at Villeurbanne Gratte-Ciel

“To be in Yoga”

it is a state-of-mind, not a practice.

Being in Yoga means being linked to yourself and to the world as it is.

Hatha Yoga offers you to find again this link with yourself and the world through breathing exercises (pranayama) and poses (asana), i.e. through your body.

Hatha Yoga will make your body stronger and more flexible.

It will increase your breathing capacity, calm your mind, improve your concentration and help you to let go.

Laurence, Vimayoga founder

The pratice of yoga

The practice I offer honors the traditional teachings I received from Ajit Sarkar and includes many things I discovered while meeting or reading other Yoga teachers.

The founder

Yoga is my life, it nourishes my life and is nourished by it.


A place dedicated to the practice of yoga.



Yoga for adults

Weekly sessions for every one (beginners, intermediates, advanced), soft practices, yoga with a chair and morning practices


Workshops for adults and kids

Workshops to discover and share yoga with your child, your grandchild, your nephew…

Vimayoga's Blog

“Accomplish yourself”


Summer time exercice

During the Summer holydays, may I suggest that you do a very simple, no-time-consuming but so enligthning practice. – What do I have to do ?

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